The collie is a majestic dog, noted for his loyalty, intelligence and beauty. He is classified as a member of the Herding Group, which consists of breeds whose basic similarity is their ability to do herding. The Collie was named for the Scottish mountain sheep that he guarded long ago. His popularity was enhanced by Queen Victoria who was so impressed by the breed that she obtained several of them. By 1860 the Collie was one of the breeds which had classes provided for its judging at the Birgmingham Dog Society in England. Ever since those days the Collie’s popularity has been high.

Most collies today serve as beloved family companions, but many are still used for herding. The breed is also known for its heroism in the face of danger to those it loves. This is often a result of its special protectiveness of and love for little children.

Collies come in two varieties, the Rough and the Smooth. There are four acceptable colours: sable (any shade of tan with white markings); tri colour (predominantly black, with tan and white markings); blue merle (marked like the tri except it is mottled instead of solid in colour) and white (with coloured head markings and often one or more body spots in any of the three colours mentioned.

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